Dr. Mohammad Dadkhah


As a pioneer of Iranian philately, Dr. Mohammad Dadkhah devoted much of his time and effort to collecting and studying the early stamps of Iran. During the 1950’s, he succeeded in bringing together a unique collection of Lion stamps which was unprecedented until that time. This collection was displayed at the World Stamps Exhibition in London in 1960 and was received with much interest.

In the same year, Dr. Dadkhah published one hundred copies of his trilingual book entitled "The Lion Stamps of Persia". It was welcomed as the first ever comprehensive reading on the subject.

The book was subsequently highly promoted in the international philatelic circles of the time, and as a result about a year later, Dr. Dadkhah acquired the prestigious "Crawford Medal" (1961). This award is presented once a year to a top philatelic researcher. In 1965, he signed the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists.

Dr. Dadkhah’s collections on stamps of Iran were displayed on several occasions at the world exhibitions including at PHILYMPIA in 1970 where his “Persia and Bushire” collection was rewarded with Grand Prix d’Honneur (shared with another prominent exhibitor, José G. Garcia from Portugal).

In 1983, Dr. Dadkhah’s name was added to the American Philatelic Society Hall of Fame. The award is intended to honor those deceased philatelists who have made "outstanding contributions to the advancement of national or international philately."

Dr. Mohammad Dadkhah graduated in medicine from Switzerland and was fluent in French and English.



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